About Simplest

Hi there, this is Alessandro Di Tecco.

I’ve been designing interfaces as a freelancer since 2011; starting from 2015, I decided to create my solo User Interface Design studio: I called it Simplest, to remind myself that the simplest user interfaces & interactions are the building blocks of the best digital experiences.

Over the past 6 years I designed a diverse range of digital products, often taking care of the full product image, from identity to marketing visuals: subscription e-commerce sites, highly detailed web apps, multi-device apps, & more.

Moreover, given my current entrepreneurial experience in building and managing a coworking space, I developed an understanding of what it means to build a product: from design (both in the physical and digital realm) to marketing & sales, pricing, admin, client acquisition, client retention, customer care, and all the daily problem-solving founders are accustomed to.

To me, design is just like craftsmanship: it's only through a unique product vision, a deep understanding of the medium, and a true passion for flawless execution that great results can be achieved.

Enjoy the website!

— Alessandro

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