With Beerbet, betting on the hottest sport matches is easy and fun.

From the creator of Prezzipazzi, Beerbet was an experimental side-project that combined sport betting, virtual currencies and social graphs.

I was hired to build the visual side of the product, both identity & user interface.

Year: 2011 / Category: online sport bets, virtual currencies
Services: Product logo, UX study, Web App UI

Logo Design & identity

Beerbet logo, final version
Beerbet logo, final version

▲ I created a fun and playful logo which focused on – you guessed it – "beer" and "betting" :) As for color choices, I chose a lively yellow.

Colors & typography

  • #f3c332
  • #53a64a
  • #414042
  • #f6f6f6
  • Font selection: Georgia
  • Font selection: Droid Sans
  • Font selection: Helvetica Neue

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UI Design & iconography

Beerbet - Bet category: calcio serie A
Bet category: calcio serie A

Prior to focusing on UI Design, I needed to translate what was merely an app idea/prototype into something people could actually use.

The development team provided me with a text document containing a description of each page and its functionalities; from there I started visualizing the information architecture, then I wireframed a low-fi layout for each app view.

Once the wireframes were approved, the next step was turning them into high-fidelity mockups.

Beerbet - Bet category: calcio
Bet category: calcio
Beerbet - Place a bet
Place a bet
Beerbet - Placed bet confirmation
Placed bet confirmation
Beerbet - Closed bet
Closed bet
Beerbet - Private bet
Private bet
Beerbet - Create bet flow
Create bet flow

▲ Creating a bet was one of the website's core experiences: I created a simple flow with numbered steps to guide the user in the process.

Beerbet - Profile - created bets
Profile: created bets
Beerbet - Profile: placed bets
Profile: placed bets
Beerbet - Profile: friends
Profile: friends
Beerbet - Profile: invite
Profile: invite
Beerbet - Profile: feedback
Profile: feedback
Beerbet - Profile: feedback modal
Profile: feedback modal

"Beerbet was an experimental side-project that combined sport betting, virtual currencies and social graphs."

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